A casualty count

A week of hectic judicial/legal activity has left a trail of victims, not all human. The Aarushi murder case crossed a threshold, the Sankararaman murder case came to a virtual closure and the Tehelka rape case attained critical mass. But acquittals, convictions or charge sheets apart, much collateral damage has been caused to certain other critical facets. Continue Reading

To speak or not to speak…

Even in times when it was believed that one man’s freedom to be nosy ended where the other man’s nose began, the borders were hazy. Today, with cultural and geographical barriers melting away in the heat of high voltage communication tools and media options, drawing out lines of control for freedom of expression is akin to making markings on water or in the air! In this context, the raging debate on free speech seems tiring and outdated. Continue Reading

Curtains down, curtains up!

As I write, I am as much in the dark as you vis-a-vis the poll outcome. But by the time you read almost all the cats would be out of the EVMs, imparting a redundancy to the ensuing words that’s no fault of mine. Of course, I can muster the guts to advance guesses, and either hope to be hailed a great prophet or risk being dubbed a gross fool. Continue Reading