Liver transplant performed on woman with rare tumour

Hepatic Epitheloid Hemangio Endothelioma [HEHE], is a rare tumour that occurs in the soft tissues or blood vessels in the lung, liver or bone. Such tumors require timely diagnosis and treatment. Continue Reading

Madras HC questions govt on price hike on masks, sanitizers

The Madras High Court today questioned the Tamilnadu government on the action taken to control the price hike of face masks and sanitizers in the State. Continue Reading

3,900 people treated for dengue in Tamilnadu

Health Minister C Vijayabaskar today said 3,900 people are being treated for dengue in the State. Continue Reading

Swami Chimayanand admitted to Lucknow hospital

Lucknow, Sept: Former Union Minister Swami Chinmayanand, arrested in connection with a sexual assault case filed by a postgraduate student, was admitted to the SGPGI here today for treatment.
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Carry on, Doctors!

Why ‘Doctor’? Why not ‘Engineer’ or ‘Lawyer’? or at the worst, ‘Journalist’? If Engineer Sonia or Lawyer Manmohan does not evoke the same ring of eminence as, say, Doctor Karunanidhi does, blame it on a historic habit. In Latin, the usual suspect that has fathered most English words, docere means ‘to teach’, an honourable pursuit, no doubt and ‘doctorate’ apparently evolved from it. Continue Reading