India needs four times more eye donors: Expert

“Blindness is a major cause of concern around the world today. In India, an estimated 20 lakh people suffer from blindness caused by damages to the cornea, the clear transparent outer layer of the eye,” said Dr Srinivasan G Rao, regional head, clinical services, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital. Continue Reading

Dr Agarwal’s launches free online consultations

Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital has announced launching Eye Connect, a free online consultation platform, making its specialists available for advice on eye conditions, second opinion, and follow-ups for patients across the country. The free consultation will be available till 15 August, 2021. Continue Reading

‘5-fold increase in cataract and dry eyes during pandemic’

The Covid-19 pandemic significantly worsened the severity of most eye conditions in people, with an increased number of patients suffering from advanced cataracts, eye infections, severe dry eyes (digital eye strain), and even corneal graft rejection, according to doctors of Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital. Continue Reading

Burst crackers safely during festival of lights

Deepavali is often expressed with two most essential features – the diya and fireworks. Continue Reading

Dr Agarwal’s opens 2 new centres; Actor Vikram asks fans to pledge eyes

Actor Vikram, who was the chief guest on the occasion supported the noble cause of eye donation and encouraged his fans to pledge their eyes. Continue Reading