Poll for-‘caste’

The familiar formula is back in fashion. Not that it ever was off vogue, but poll time is when it bares its fangs and rears its venom-spewing head most. Casteism, particularly in TN, is a generational curse. However, while displaying its ugliest face this week it also unmasked all the political facades that kept the poisonous pot boiling for their own survival and success. Continue Reading

Rationed Rationalism

I was deeply disappointed by the Dravidar Kazhagam’s decision (double-back?) to put off (call off?) the Thali cutting program (protest?). Maybe the date was inauspicious or probably Periyar’s parivar had more pressing problems. I was looking forward to see the modus operandi and participants, for some grist this week. In any case, whatever the fate of that project, I stand provoked. You can read this now or await Veeramani’s next call … whenever it comes(?)! Continue Reading

Familiar farce

Nothing brings out the duplicity and diligence of Tamilnadu politicos as lingo loyalty does. Suddenly there is a race to the battlefront to protect Tamil that ‘predates sand and stone’. The provocation for the war cry from here is an advisory of the Ministry of Home Affairs directing that all official announcements on social media be made in Hindi, the familiar foe. Continue Reading

Know thy neighbour

So, how will the youth of TN spend this unexpected holiday gifted to them by politics? Though cinema and cricket are obvious choices, why not also enlighten themselves on Ceylon? After all, some efforts to know thy neighbour is certainly warranted, since the student protest, though having its locus here, has its focus there. Here are some tid-bits gathered from secondary sources; I request everyone to delve deep on their own too. Continue Reading

Close encounters of the worst kind

On the freebies front both the DMK and the AIADMK have achieved near perfect parity, give or take a mixie or a fan or a few kgs of rice. In any case the anomalies are minor and are already being addressed. Cash distribution is a different ball game and the ruling combine seems to have a clear edge, what with the EC itself alleging that some cops themselves have turned carriers and even couriers. Continue Reading

Of allies and all lies

The poll circus in TN got off to a rousing start. The opening show was dominated by the Cong and the DMK: while the former played the tough ringmaster, the latter slipped on the daredevil tightrope it had chosen to tread and landed hard on the ground of reality after a few clumsy somersaults. And many chinks too came tumbling out during the course of that near-fatal fall. Continue Reading

Metro Minus!

Human endeavour has its limits while nature’s sweep has none whatsoever. Even cities with superior infrastructure will find themselves unequal to the task if nature chooses to be nasty. Chennai, in that context, is a sitting duck. A floating one, if you like. Or as days pass, sinking & stinking too. Continue Reading

Looming heirlooms

Political Leaders leave many kinds of legacies ranging from properties to parties to pet theories and pronouncements. Unlike a nondescript individual, the legacy of a public person raises more complications on the latter’s death: The claimants are not just blood relatives but include, to put it in TN’s political lingo, Blood’s Blood and Co-borns too (Raththaththin raththam & Udanpirappugal). Continue Reading

Many more unhappy returns!

Just a little over sixty days into the new year and TN has already seen quite a number of festivals. Now, I am not talking of the ones like Pongal (the new new year day from the next new year) or Sivarathri, which are about traditions or Gods. Rather I am referring to the many ‘political festivals’ that come one after another and are all set to outnumber the real festivals in due course. Continue Reading