Decriminalising crimes

No one wants his/her pocket picked. Or property trespassed or grabbed. Nor, for that matter, would anyone look forward to getting murdered, assaulted, raped or in any way violated, physically, financially or emotionally, though the last one is tenuous territory. Being a victim of crime hurts in many ways and often leaves an inerasable mark, if not on the physique, at least on the psyche. Reason why legal luminaries hold that ‘a system of penal law is more important than even constitutional law’. Continue Reading

Divide and misrule

Welcome to the centenary celebrations of State-sponsored communal politics. It was in 1906 that the Morely-Minto Reforms injected into the Indian polity the poison of separate electorates and reservation of seats for Muslims, which eventually led to the partition of the country in 1947. Continue Reading

Catching up with the corrupt

‘Everywhere we have corruption. Nothing is free from corruption. Everybody wants to loot this country … The law does not permit us to do it, but otherwise we would prefer to hang people like you from the lamp post in public’: These were the observations of SC judge Katju while rejecting the bail plea of a Bihari government employee involved in the multi-crore fodder scam. Continue Reading