Let there be light!

As with most Hindu festivals, Deepavali too has many origins and versions. And all of them could be true because it is quite possible that different auspicious events had occurred on the same day (thidhi) in various years and even across yugas. The cause for its celebration may therefore be varied, but Deepavali is unique as it signifies an early dawn. Continue Reading

Carry on, Doctors!

Why ‘Doctor’? Why not ‘Engineer’ or ‘Lawyer’? or at the worst, ‘Journalist’? If Engineer Sonia or Lawyer Manmohan does not evoke the same ring of eminence as, say, Doctor Karunanidhi does, blame it on a historic habit. In Latin, the usual suspect that has fathered most English words, docere means ‘to teach’, an honourable pursuit, no doubt and ‘doctorate’ apparently evolved from it. Continue Reading