FSII, AAI come together for cotton

On World Cotton Day (7 October), Federation of Seed Industry of India (FSII) and Alliance for Agri Innovation (AAI) celebrated the power of technology like Bt Cotton in making India the world’s leading producer. Continue Reading

Farm laws: Historic or death warrant?

Over the past few weeks, much has been written on the newly enacted farm bills, which have been termed ‘historic’ by the proponents while ‘death warrant’ for farmers by the opposition groups. Continue Reading

Gene editing is next-gen tool for plant breeders

The basis of plant breeding is the availability of trait variation and diversity in different crops, that can be brought together into a variety or hybrid with multiple superior qualities or characteristics. Continue Reading

How safe are GM crops?

The need to increase agricultural productivity without increasing the area under cultivation to support our increasing demand for quality food remains a challenge for the Indian farmers. Continue Reading