Footloose & cut loose

It is protests galore world over to the accompaniment of dire threats. It looks as if suddenly the entire humanity has lost patience with, well, entire humanity and wants redressal right away. Given such a mass mood the modes of protest and nature of threats too have come into focus. And how they have evolved over the times! Continue Reading

Carry on, Doctors!

Why ‘Doctor’? Why not ‘Engineer’ or ‘Lawyer’? or at the worst, ‘Journalist’? If Engineer Sonia or Lawyer Manmohan does not evoke the same ring of eminence as, say, Doctor Karunanidhi does, blame it on a historic habit. In Latin, the usual suspect that has fathered most English words, docere means ‘to teach’, an honourable pursuit, no doubt and ‘doctorate’ apparently evolved from it. Continue Reading

It’s yesterday once again!

It would seem unprofessional, even unethical, to reprint one’s own past article. But when history repeats itself with alarming precision, what can self-styled ‘historians’ like us do other than follow suit? I reproduce below my article titled, ‘If MPs were horses …’ written in April 1999 during the then run up to the Trust vote against the NDA government. Continue Reading

And the winner is … the loser!

It may be a bit late for an year ender, what with virtually every publication worth its newswprint having done with it, but there are virtues in procrastrination. A leading Indian news agency, for instance, had to recall and redraft two of its year enders, written ‘well in advance’, because Modi’s victory and Benazir’s killing in the last week changed the pictures it had painted. Continue Reading

One nation, two worlds

I must congratulate you b’cos we’ve never had it so good. As we can see, the Indian economy is galloping. The facts and figures say it all: 9% GDP growth, soaring foreign investments, huge exchange reserves, stock markets at all time highs, Indians buying up foreign firms and the world watching our success story in open-mouthed awe. Continue Reading

1 battle, 2 foes, many battlefields

The fight to finish is well and truly on. It is not just a contest between two egos or personalities or political parties or fronts, but much more than that: a no holds barred clash between two competing vested interests vying to gain absolute control over every spehere of life in the State. Continue Reading