My tryst with destiny

I beseech readers to spare this week’s personal indulgence. Of course, the alibi is that many may feel or reflect this way on their most memorable day and, therefore, I claim to speak for them too: That old, familiar ‘public-interest in self-interest’ gag. So, having thus secured a pre-pardon, let me embark on this ego trip, as it would seem, though I would still call it an Experience trip. And thanks for the B-day greetings. Continue Reading

Guru Gazing

Spirituality is all about God-realisation through a process of self-realisation. But is self-learning the most appropriate mode for that? Is it an option at all given an individual’s intellectual limitations? Bharath’s spiritual systems and scriptures unambiguously prescribe taking a preceptor’s guidance in one’s other-worldly quest. Continue Reading

Stumped by cricket!

The politicos seem pious in comparison. The financial flooding of an otherwise parched Pennagaram or the currency garland that encircled and enriched a ‘note-worthy’ neta, Maya, to name a few current cases of excess, cannot hold a candle to the vulgar parade of cash and dash at the cricketing carnival that is under way now. Clearly, the Indian Premier League has given the Indian Political League a run for its money. Continue Reading