EU leaders to face off in ”very tough” budget summit

EU leaders are to hold a Brussels summit Thursday to set a seven-year budget despite splits between some stingy rich nations, poorer ones wanting to preserve spending and others wanting to fund grand global ambitions.

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Low inflation, falling growth leave more room for rate cut: RBI governor

The government has limited fiscal space to support growth, but low inflation can help the monetary authority ease policy rates further and help boost the economy that has badly lost its momentum, RBI governor Shaktikanta Das said yesterday. Continue Reading

Loss of industrial output momentum to dampen GDP growth: Report

India Ratings and Research (Fitch Group) in its recent report has stated that the loss of momentum in the industrial output growth, expected lower-than-normal monsoon for the year and continued agrarian distress, are reasons for it. Continue Reading

RBI cuts repo rate by 0.25 bps to 6%

The six-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) headed by RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das today announced reduction of repo rates by 0.25 bps points to 6 per recent in its first bi-monthly monetary policy of 2019-20.
The move is expected to lead to reduction of lending rate by banks leading to lower EMI for housing, car loan and corporate borrowers. Continue Reading

Downsides of Start-ups

There is much buzz around the Central Government’s ‘StartUp India’ initiative aimed at promoting tech driven innovation. All the Union Ministers at a conference I attended recently saw start-ups as harbingers of the Digital Revolution round the corner and the resultant e-commerce cascade set to inundate the nation. All very lofty and laudable indeed. Continue Reading

A poor showing

The Planning Commission and politicos, the deciders of the nation’s fate, seem singularly poor-blind. The sordid spectacle being staged in the name of the poor is at once sinister and sickening: Sinister owing to the seamless political posturings across parties; and sick because of the utter insensitivity of the numbers-oriented debate. The question is not who is on the side of the poor but the pervasive presence of poor. And it is inhuman to see the poor as just an ‘economic problem’. Continue Reading

The unparalleled economy

For all his racist inclinations, the white man would still want his coffee black. The Indian fancy for anything fair too comes with exceptions wherein white is taboo: Black hair is deemed the sole measure of youth. And then black money is the toast of the nation’s citizens, rajas & prajas alike. Continue Reading