Global leaders express concern over environmental changes

In a year of cataclysm, some world leaders at this week’s annual United Nations meeting are taking the long view, warning: If COVID-19 doesn’t kill us, climate change will. Continue Reading

Freida Pinto advocates use of clean energy to reduce carbon footprint

Actress and activist Freida Pinto is leading a fight against global warming as the project ambassador for ‘Wild Edens: South Asia,’ the third in a series of documentaries that highlights the issue of climate change, produced by Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation. Continue Reading

We are all bugged, too!

Sorry! It’s not going to be Sindbad’s saga but our own sordid stories. The adventures of the fabled sailor, the longest surviving caricature in Tamil journalism, is tempting, but with news of the government listening into everything other than the common man’s woes bugging the nation, Continue Reading

Nature’s second nature

Here is a confession, coming ironically after I-Day: I just became an Englishman! Am I not if I am going to talk about the weather in all seriousness as the E-men do first thing in the morning or whenever two of them happen to meet? Well, in any case, weather is a perfect filler when there is nothing else to write about and one does not have to belong to England for that. Continue Reading