Chennaiites violate Covid rules, but spread ‘under control’

Throwing caution to the wind and despite warnings from the Greater Chennai Corporation, Chennaiites went all out shopping for festivities. Continue Reading

Corona cases declining in Chennai

If the records presented by the Greater Chennai Corporation are anything to go by, the cases of coronavirus in the city are declining by the day. Continue Reading

Covid spread continues in Chennai

Despite social distancing and sanitation, the city has been unable to curb the spead of Coronavirus. Continue Reading

Chennai’s corona recovery rate reaches all time high of 91%

The recovery rate of Covid-19 in Chennai has reached 91 per cent and the rate of active cases is 7 per cent. This is an all time low since the lockdown in March. Continue Reading

Spike in Covid-19 cases continue in Chennai

There was a surge in Covid-19 cases across a few districts in Tamilnadu yesterday with 1,185 cases from Chennai. The spike in positive cases continues today as well, say sources. Continue Reading

Royapuram inches towards 6,000 covid-19 cases

The city has recorded 38,327 cases of Covid-19. Royapuram, the most badly hit locality, is inching towards 6,000 cases. Currently it has recorded 5,981 cases. Continue Reading

Chennai’s crucial Covid numbers

The city has hit a mark of 34,245 cases of Covid-19, with the neighbourhood of Royapuram accounting for 5,486 cases. The causalities in Chennai is reportedly 422. Continue Reading