TT champion Ethirajan completes silver jubilee year in blood donation

There is a general perception among sportspersons that blood donation will lead to body weakness and poor performance in games. But meet R Ethirajan (50) who has etched his name not only in sports but also in blood donation. Continue Reading

Mom’s kidney health determines baby’s

“The physiological nature of a woman’s body protects her kidney until she reaches menopause; however, renal health gets affected post the stage. Despite differences from that of men’s organs, records state that more women come forward to donate their kidneys,” noted Osmania Medical College and Hospital Department of Nephrology professor and head, Dr Manisha Sahay. Continue Reading

All you need to know about 108 ambulance service in Chennai

Currently, 936 vehicles and 41 first responder bikes are distributed across Tamilnadu. There are also 65 neonatal, 78 four-wheel-drive vehicles and 57 advanced life support ambulances. Continue Reading

Iodine deficiency can be tackled in a simple way

“The deficiency of iodine, known as hypothyroidism, in children can lead to severe complications such as neural disorder, attention disorder, mental retardation, bone defects, stunted growth, weight gain and other metabolic disorders. It can be efficiently tackled if the mother is given sufficient amounts of the mineral during pregnancy,” added Dr Vineetha. Continue Reading

Porous bone disease on rise in Chennai, says doctor

A recent study conducted across the world shows that every third woman out of five and one in five men after 50 years of age are diagnosed with the bone-thinning disease – osteoporosis. Experts state that the condition is also becoming common in the metropolitan city.

Continue Reading

Lack of Vitamin B can affect DNA development

A culmination of several micro-components, Vitamin B is an important nutrition required to perform a wide range of metabolic activities. Doctors and nutritionists in the city state that the deficiency could impact the neurological functioning of the body and opine that people are unaware of the serious effects that it could lead to. Continue Reading