Fast facts on fasting: Pack it with nutritive liquids, say experts

When we do not consume anything for most part of the day, our body utilises the stored carbohydrate and fat to energise once all the calories from the previous night’s meal have been exhausted. Continue Reading

Using phones in dark can lead to permanent vision loss: Experts

Darkness sets in, clock ticks fast, we hit the bed (or at least, we pretend to) and pull out the mobile phone to text non-stop / complete binge-watching a series or in the case of middle-aged folks, it is YouTube videos before the sun creeps in. Continue Reading

Stay hydrated & healthy to beat the heat this summer

Summer has already begun in Chennai. Comes with it are a variety of conditions like heat stroke, dehydration, boils, et al. The underlined point is that, one can battle them if they stay hydrated and healthy. It is that time of the year, where people need to be extremely cautious of what they eat and drink. Continue Reading