Diabetes: Hope & Myths

A study titled, ‘Making India Heartstrong Survey’, is a two-part research comprising questionnaire-based interviews and HbA1c (Average Glucose level) and Lipid profile Tests, was conducted to understand perception of people towards heart health versus actual numbers of people at heart risk. Continue Reading

World tour for Heart Day

The world today, lives in fear of the coronavirus. People and healthcare workers are overwhelmed with the stress of infection. But there is a more potent killer out there. Something no vaccine can protect you from, no mask can save you from- Heart disease. Continue Reading

Know how good is your lung

The most talked about issue in our country in the recent days was the drop in quality of air in New Delhi and in few metropolitan cities across the country.
An interesting initiative was launched by Apollo Cancer Centre titled ‘The Billboard that Breathes’, a unique installation featuring human lungs, retrofitted with HEPA filters and a fan that mimics breathing, to visually demonstrate the impact of air pollution. Continue Reading