Madras HC refuses to stay temple priests’ appointments

Madras High Court today refused to issue a stay order on the new rules framed by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department for the appointment of priests. Continue Reading

HC questions TN govt’s decision to transfer rich temples’ funds to village shrines

The Madras High Court has urged the Tamilnadu government to revisit its plan to utilise surplus funds of financially-sound temples to renovate village shrines. Continue Reading

Why TN is forbidden land! — 10: Run on temples

The BJP rode to power on the prime poll plank of building a Ram Temple in Ayodhya. The BJP, drawing its lineage from Savarkar’s Hindutva, claims to be an agmark Hindu party seeking Hindu votes for Hindu causes. Continue Reading

No plan to shift Athi Varadar idol from Vasantha Mandapam: Official

Reddy pointed out that it was not possible to change the tradition (aidheegam) of the temple and that people have to have darshan only at the Vasantha Mandapam.  Continue Reading