Explained: What drove early human species to extinction

Researchers have said climate change likely played a major role in driving early human species to extinction. In a latest modelling study, they said this serves a ‘thunderous warning message’ to humans today. Continue Reading

When 2 plus 2 is 22

Fudging numbers is a natural tendency. Ever since the day early man started to count, he has also been counting wrongly, intententionally or inadvertently. The countdown to numerical nemesis that commenced then has run parallel to the deteriorating integrity of mankind: From the caveman who killed five sheep, hid one in the bush, ate one and reported two, er, three as the day’s catch to his fellow cavemen Continue Reading

Dharma for Dummies

Man may be a political animal or not, but he sure is a religious animal. Be he a saffron-clad sadhu or an yellow towel-rationalist, God dominates his thought, in devotion or denial. Indeed, religion is a natural impulse for homo sapiens while secularism, atheism and the like are either afterthoughts or habits wrought by external compulsions or simply fads. Continue Reading