Editorial: Under watch

An investigation by a global media consortium based on leaked targeting data alleged that military-grade malware from Israel-based NSO Group, the world’s most infamous hacker-for-hire outfit, is being used to spy on journalists, human rights activists and political dissidents. Continue Reading

India wants Human Rights Council to strengthen & reform itself

India said it is time to assess the achievements and failures of the Human Rights Council and deliberate on the ways to strengthen and reform the UN organ so as to help it achieve its objectives. Continue Reading

United Nations condemns abuses against Myanmar’s Rohingya

The UN General Assembly approved a resolution on Friday strongly condemning human rights abuses against Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims and other minorities, including arbitrary arrests, torture, rape and deaths in detention Continue Reading

Violence in Syria, 23 civilians killed

Syrian regime air strikes and artillery fire killed 23 civilians in the last major opposition bastion in the northwest of the country, a war monitor said. Continue Reading