Editorial: Friends and foes

India, at a special flag installation ceremony organised at the United Nations Security Council stakeout, has made it clear that the country will be a voice for the developing world and against the common enemies of humanity like terrorism. Continue Reading

Perverted priorities!

The country and its rulers are worried stiff. And why not? Vijay Mallya is in deep financial trouble. So too the Indian farmer. But since VM’s main mascots, the wafer-thin, skimpily clad models actually look more impoverished than the Indian farmer, the government and the media seem all eyes and ears to the liquor baron’s plight. Continue Reading

It’s a mad, bad world

Sorry if I sound a bit jumbled and jaded. I am. Three weeks into a delirious detour, owing to a diabolic conspiracy of disease, doctors and drugs, does that to you, even if you are not a self-obsessed slouch. Imagine the plight of all-important writers out to change the world but slung up like a raincoat in summer while so much is happening all around! A safe distance from the readers for a few weeks was what the doctor ordered (safe for readers too, according to some sly comments). Continue Reading

My tryst with destiny

I beseech readers to spare this week’s personal indulgence. Of course, the alibi is that many may feel or reflect this way on their most memorable day and, therefore, I claim to speak for them too: That old, familiar ‘public-interest in self-interest’ gag. So, having thus secured a pre-pardon, let me embark on this ego trip, as it would seem, though I would still call it an Experience trip. And thanks for the B-day greetings. Continue Reading

Footloose & cut loose

It is protests galore world over to the accompaniment of dire threats. It looks as if suddenly the entire humanity has lost patience with, well, entire humanity and wants redressal right away. Given such a mass mood the modes of protest and nature of threats too have come into focus. And how they have evolved over the times! Continue Reading

Round & round in 80 days

That the Earth takes 24 hours to rotate and 365 days to complete one round needs no confirmation. But if the last eighty odd days are any proof conventional wisdom seems to have turned on its head: our good globe is on a tail spin, completing multiple somersaults in a day and several circles in just a few days. Continue Reading