Indians underestimate protein deficiency: Survey

Never has the importance of health and immunity been felt and realised as much as it is in these Covid-19 days. And never has the importance and role of protein been in focus so much as now. Continue Reading

A thought for food

‘In the long run, we are all dead’, quipped John Maynard Keynes, the legendary economist. The provocation must have been quite dire for a man used to spouting hardcore monetary theories to come under such a philosophical spell. It is also possible that the economist was just displaying some dry humour out of sheer frustration; again the retort could be an angry reaction to a zealous student or a persistent critic seeking out a clarification beyond the confines of a typical cyclical graph and ideally falling in the domain of an astrologer. Continue Reading

Year of the politician

Now that we are done with the decade debate, which, despite my best efforts, has gone in favour of ‘09s than ‘10s, the year 2009 confronts us. There is no question over that, thankfully: ‘09 is well nigh over, though it might still throw up parting shocks and surprises. In such year-end seasons, it is customory for media houses to name a Person of the Year. I would prefer to ‘honour’ a tribe instead: The Politico. Continue Reading