An Underdog’s Bark

Dear Pranab da,

(not the disrespectful Tamil da, but the reverential Bengali da)

You will get this missive just as you are readying to present the budget and so may not have the time to read it. Not that it matters, for even if I had sent it earlier, you wouldn’t have had the mind. For I am not one of those elite Bombay Business Club wallah nor a member of any big industry association or a pushy moneybag or part of any other powerful lobby all of whom have the ear of the FM anytime they want. Continue Reading

The changing stripes

He might be on the run and under terminal siege at home, but Veluppillai Prabakaran is having a good run in TN now. The sudden escalation of temperature on the Sri Lankan issue here is really a lifeline to one of the most wanted terrorists of our times. For if the TN blackmail of the Centre succeeds, VP will get a new lease of life. Continue Reading