Pompous Parasites

She started her Presidentship by bringing to the high Constitutional position a scandalous legacy. Her earlier political avatars in similar, though lesser, posts were characterised by a parasitic tendency to prey on public funds. She had lived true to that trend all through her five-year tenure and is ending it in her signature scandalous style. Continue Reading

Counting the days, instead

It was all over in a jiffy. And now the climactic wait for the result. This election was a watershed of sorts just on one count alone: Schedule. While polls were due only in mid-May, the EC advanced them by a month through its notification in early March, giving the parties and people just over a month to decide their own fates, besides being harsh on itself. To its credit, the process, a gamble as well as a challenge of sorts, went through in a flash with nary a hitch, though it wasn’t easy all the way. Continue Reading

Close encounters of the worst kind

On the freebies front both the DMK and the AIADMK have achieved near perfect parity, give or take a mixie or a fan or a few kgs of rice. In any case the anomalies are minor and are already being addressed. Cash distribution is a different ball game and the ruling combine seems to have a clear edge, what with the EC itself alleging that some cops themselves have turned carriers and even couriers. Continue Reading