Covid-19: India sees highest single-day cases and deaths

With the government taking adequate measures to contain coroanvirus pandemic, the situation seems to be going out of control. The cases contiune to rise on daily basis. Continue Reading

Global Covid-19 cases top 14.4 million

The overall number of global COVID-19 cases has increased to over 14.4 million, while the deaths have topped to more than 605,000, according to the Johns Hopkins University. Continue Reading

Covid-19: India sees highest ever single-day cases – 16,922

According to Union Health Ministry data released this morning, the country saw 16,922 new covid-19 cases. With this, India’s tally touched 4,73,105. Continue Reading

Covid-19: India makes record single-day high cases- 15,968

The coronavirus cases in India seems to be going high, despite government taking various measures. Continue Reading

Covid-19: India sees 2,003 deaths in last 24 hours, cases up 3,54,065

India registered over 10,000 new coronavirus cases. Also, the nation recorded higest-ever death rate of 2,003 in the last 24 hours hours. Continue Reading