Chennaiite reminisces I-Day celebration during his childhood

A number of institutions insisted its students oppose whites and protest for our nation’s freedom. Our school is one among them. In spite of Britishers banning us not to render freedom songs, they made us sing Continue Reading

Chennaiite recalls freedom fighter P Kakkan’s simplicity

“I used to travel by 5E bus to my office from K K Nagar to Taramani. At Chinnamalai, Kakkanji used to get into the bus. Commuters and I used to ask him to sit by offering our seat. But he used to say ‘Amma Ukkarunga, Thaymarellam Nikakoodathu’. Even when the conductor offers him the seat, he would refuse to sit. This showed his simplicity,” she says. Continue Reading

Patriotic son born on patriotic day

In 2011, our former Tamilnadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa presided over a special programme to honour people who were born on 15 August. Nearly 150 people participated and I was among them. They honoured me in a special way by asking me to cut a 10-feet cake. Continue Reading

Chennaiite recollects his first Independence Day memory

“The first Independence Day is still fresh in my mind. It was a wonderful morning, where houses at my street in Tirupur were decorated with colourful flowers. Women were seen drawing rangolis and tri-colour flags were hoisted in every household. Patriotic songs were played through speakers as well,” recollects Krishnamurthy. Continue Reading

There are many unsung heroes of freedom struggle

“My father, DS Somasundaram, took a great interest in the freedom struggle. I had spoken with renowned fighter Kakkan who was close to us. My immediate relatives joined Subash Chandra Bose’s Indian National Army (INA) and actively took part in the struggle,” he says. Continue Reading

The man who served as Lieutenant General to Bose

“My father ran off to join the INA without even informing his parents,” says his son. While it was too young for his age, Subramani served as a Lieutenant General and Personal Officer to Bose. Continue Reading

Chennaiite recollects his father’s struggle for freedom

“My father’s photo is kept at the Thiyagigal Ninaivu Mandapam in Gandhi Mandapam. Only three freedom fighters photos from Chennai are kept there. I am very proud and happy that my father was a reason for getting independence. He has inspired me in many ways,” concludes Ragubathi. Continue Reading

2 per cent quota for sportspersons in govt jobs: CM Palaniswami

The Chief Minister also announced a two percent reservation in select government positions for sportspersons from the State who win medals in national level games or those organised by the State government. Continue Reading