With gov imposing more duty on fuels, citizens face heat while adopting EV

A lot has been spoken about the government’s sudden affinity towards ‘green’ vehicles. The smoldering fire burst into a small flame after Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman took it upon herself to impose more duty on petrol and diesel. She said it had to be done so that people will adopt electric vehicles and also because the government is spending too much on importing crude from elsewhere, for India does not produce, or rather drill and mine, its own fossil fuel. Continue Reading

With Union Budget to be tabled 5 July, health experts voice concerns

While the Union Budget will be presented tomorrow, experts in the State voice their concern for increase in healthcare spend. In the interim budget presented early this year, Rs 61,398 crore was allocated for the health sector, which was 19 per cent more than the 2018-19 allocation. Continue Reading