Editorial: Tweet trouble

Days after the Central government warned Twitter of ‘penal action’ over not complying with parts of its order to remove various tweets and block certain accounts over content related to the farmers’ protest, Twitter said on Wednesday it has taken action on more than 500 accounts and reduced visibility of some hashtags in India to comply with ‘several’ orders from the Indian government. Continue Reading

Centre extends suspension of UK flights till 7 January

The Indian government on Wednesday extended the suspension of flights to and from the United Kingdom till 7 January, amid new mutant Covid-19 strain that is spreading rapidly in UK. Continue Reading

‘Need to build resilient public health system to prevent diseases’

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is now officially a pandemic according to the World Health Organisation. Indian government has been quick to adopt a multipronged strategy, including issuance of clear guidelines to Ministries for coordinated action. Continue Reading

US corporate sector hails India’s move to slash income tax rate for firms

The US’ corporate sector has lauded the Indian government for substantially slashing the income tax rate to 25.17 per cent, saying the move will reverse the economic slowdown and allow global companies a “good option” for growing their manufacturing base in the country.
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