Veshtied interests

At first sights it seemed silly why everyone got so worked up over the dhoti issue. But since everyone is so worked up, there must surely be something behind all that silliness. After all, the matter has dogged the judiciary and legislature and bogged down the media for close to a week. Above all, I am basically a dhoti guy at home and at home in dhoti in public places too. Yes, I have no choice but to wring up my dhoti in all righteous indignation and spring into action by jumping into the ring. Continue Reading

When the voter is voted out!

To be talking of such dull things as Corporation polls during Valentine’s week is not a very romantic idea. But, with no love lost between the vote-lorn politicos and the people they court, the current round of polls even otherwise lacks the familiar lusture of a democratic festival which is what elections are. Continue Reading

Look who’s listening!

Tapping of telephone lines of important persons is probably as old as the invention of the telephone itself. And the practice of intercepting messages or other private communications must be as old as humanity itself. From messengers on horseback to pigeons Continue Reading