Far from the madding House

Parliament’s summer session evaporated in the Lokpal heat. The monsoon session was washed away in the FDI flood. The winter session almost stands frozen on the same count now. Obviously, any thaw will only lead to the next stalemate. Indeed, seasons may change but MPs cutting across parties remain unanimous and steadfast in their resolve to keep Parli in permanent coma. Continue Reading

When protest is the pain

It is always in the name of aam aadmi! He is the rallying point, be it for the Government, opposition or activists. But with so much of ears and tears directed at his plight, is he any better? Indeed, the real question is not that, but what hurts him more, the official policies or the ‘protests’ targetting them! Continue Reading

Villain of villains!

The rich are unhappy with MSingh because they are unable to enrich themselves further thanks to the policy paralysis. The poor, who are beyond the economist-PM’s statistical growth horizon are simmering like never before, what with poverty stalking them all through but the overhanging mirage of prosperity tantalisingly teasing them even while being out of reach of their outstretched hands. But it is the middle class anger over corruption, inflation, recession, civic disarray etc that is the primary cause of MSingh’s troubles in recent times. Continue Reading

Divided, we stall!

Once elected, our reps are indeed a law unto themselves, totally insulated from those who elected them. But this familiar disconnect appears to have vanished at least temporarily. Never has Parli truly represented the nation as it has done from the start of the winter session. An anarchic, chaotic country finds ample articulation in an unruly, dysfunctional Parli today. A nation divided finds resonance in a House divided. Continue Reading

When stealth is strength

Sonia’s sickness may be Cong’s sacred secret, but that party’s own sickness cannot be so safely wished away. The nation is ill-inoculated against the afflictions raging in the ruling regime. All major epidemics – scams, terrorism, inflation etc have their origins in a contagious Congress. For the country, the passage from INC to ICU has been seamless but most painful. Continue Reading

Penny foolish, pound foolish!

Economic theories and jargon have been a nightmare since my first economics class. They have not just put a ‘young’ me to sleep at silly hours but also passed over my clueless head till this time of going to press. The only truism that makes sense to me is the one attributed to the pioneering economist Lord John Maynard Keynes: In the long run, we are all dead! Continue Reading

Let there be light!

As with most Hindu festivals, Deepavali too has many origins and versions. And all of them could be true because it is quite possible that different auspicious events had occurred on the same day (thidhi) in various years and even across yugas. The cause for its celebration may therefore be varied, but Deepavali is unique as it signifies an early dawn. Continue Reading

Round & round in 80 days

That the Earth takes 24 hours to rotate and 365 days to complete one round needs no confirmation. But if the last eighty odd days are any proof conventional wisdom seems to have turned on its head: our good globe is on a tail spin, completing multiple somersaults in a day and several circles in just a few days. Continue Reading