Cash and no carry

The first question that struck me on hearing of the banking strike was: Why only two days? I mean, does it not make sense for the bankers (their frequent strikes make sense to no one else) to extend their strike-holiday by a couple of days more so that they can enjoy an extended weekend? In fact, that’s their tradition, vouched by the strike-festival calendar of many years! Also, if their cause justifies two days it can as well vindicate a longer span too. Continue Reading

Taking strikes in our stride

It’s no longer news. The rigmorale has become too routine to rouse the anger or raise the hackles of a fatigued nation. If indeed, strikes by some group of public employees or the other, as the ones we witnessed this past week, are going to survive public contempt, official warnings and even court rulings and come about, come what may, then is it not high time for a formal ‘Strike Policy’? Continue Reading