Divided, we stall!

Once elected, our reps are indeed a law unto themselves, totally insulated from those who elected them. But this familiar disconnect appears to have vanished at least temporarily. Never has Parli truly represented the nation as it has done from the start of the winter session. An anarchic, chaotic country finds ample articulation in an unruly, dysfunctional Parli today. A nation divided finds resonance in a House divided. Continue Reading

Future imperfect!

‘The study of the assumed influence of stars on human affairs’: This tame, tentative and rather toned down definition of ‘Astrology’ in English disctionaries belies reality. Now, whether the stars guide human affairs or not, astrology does, in Bharath and globally too, notwithstanding rational skeptics. Indeed, a matter as profoundly influential as astrology deserves to be treated with more credence. Continue Reading