World faces ‘unprecedented threat’ from terrorism: UN chief

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has warned that the world is facing ‘an unprecedented threat from intolerance, violent extremism and terrorism’ that affects every country, exacerbating conflicts and destabilizing entire regions. Continue Reading

Public face of privacy

Gone are the days when my freedom ended where your nose began. The classical debate between a person’s right to privacy and another’s freedom of expression was originally in the context of celebrities and hawkish media. But over the years issues of intrusion into privacy vs. freedom of speech have evolved with the rising reach and changing character of media and has also taken many social, political and legal hues. Continue Reading

Clash of the Uncivilised

The material, and pre-dominantly Christian,West is not known for reverence. And tolerance is not a virtue of the Islamic Middle-East. Given such genetic proclivities, the ongoing imbroglio over the caricaturing of the Islamic prophet by European publications is neither a collision of cultures nor a clash of civilisations; these are lofty tags. Continue Reading