Tata to take over Ford unit in TN, Gujarat?

Tata Motors is said to be in early talks with Ford to buy the latter’s units near Chennai in Tamilnadu and Gujarat. If the deal is done, it will be Tata Motors’ second asset purchase from the US major after it bought Jaguar Land Rover from Ford for $2.3 billion in 2008. Continue Reading

Unpaid GST worth Rs 25 crore recovered from auto dealers

In a major crackdown on five prominent auto dealers in the city who sell the high-end Jaguars and BMWs and also Harley Davidsons and Kawasakis, the directorate general of GST intelligence has recovered unpaid GST worth Rs 25.04 crore along with interest of Rs 28.47 lakh. Continue Reading

Reason why automation can never replace handmade luxury cars

When Jaguar announced (unofficially) that they will be taking off more than 3,500 people off the pay-roll, the world was quite surprised. I was not surprised whatsoever, because the very reason that big conglomerates invested in robotics in the early noughties is to oust humans on a timely basis. Why you ask? Well, the fact that humans ask for holidays, day offs, permissions, maternity leave and more importantly salaries, among many things can be avoided. Continue Reading

It’s good to resurrect the dead, just make it right

The current year has been the year for resto-mod’s. I get the point, take your beloved vehicle (or buy one, if you don’t have it), replace old parts with modern derivatives and voila, a wolf under sheep’s clothing. Continue Reading