Farmer protests: SC wants committee, Centre & States to respond today

Taking cognisance of the ongoing farmer protests at Delhi, the Supreme Court on Wednesday stated that it shall form a committee comprising representatives of all the warring groups, as the current negotiations do not seem to be working. Continue Reading

Indian-Americans hold rallies in support of CAA, NRC in US

A large number of Indian-Americans have come out in support of the amended citizenship law and the proposed National Register of Citizens, holding rallies in several US cities to “dispel misinformation and myths” surrounding the contentious law, the organisers of the demonstrations have said. Continue Reading

Bhim Army chief taken into police custody

Bhim Army chief Chandra Shekhar Aazad was detained by police outside the Jama Masjid early today, after he played hide and seek with security personnel for several hours. Continue Reading

Beware of bodyshoppers

The politico is the new killer of the tiller. It has always been the case indirectly, but for the first time the scene of crime has political fingerprints all over it. What a morbid irony that a protest to protect the farmer should end up prying out his life! Distressed by debt and crop damage, Gajendra Singh Rathore climbed up a neem tree during a rally at Kejri’s happy hunting home ground Jantar Mantar and hung himself in full public view after abundant notice of his intent. Kejri continued the meeting, and then blamed Delhi police for not acting on time! Continue Reading

Rewinding forward

Let me take the easy and lazy way out this time by resorting to some cut and paste journalism. I shall reproduce below some sections from this column written during the run up to the formation of AAP. Despite the possible irritations that an ‘I told you so’ smirk evokes, I will still do this because the issues discussed are even more relevant now. Continue Reading