Our masters’ voices… Or noises

Welcome to Bore News Channel and please do join us for the latest bulletin on what is on in the capital. For the benefit of those viewers who have missed the news for the past one week, well, do not worry, Continue Reading

All is well that ends well

At last it appears to be curtains down for the great Indian circus. It is of course, our fond wish that nothing of distress would happen between now and 19th of March. Atal Behan Vajpayee’s tryst with Race Course Road is now a certainty with the Rashtrapathi, Continue Reading

The cup and the lip

The sudden developments that have come in the way of the formation of a Government at the Centre are at the same time a rude shock and a startling lesson to the politicians, political analysts and the people alike. The nation, after a spell of short-lived optimism… Continue Reading

A revolution, indeed

Not a drop of blood shed; no human sacrifices in the form of self-immolation; nor a bus was burnt or public property damaged! Yet a revolution has taken place; a social revolution which has been made possible because of one person’s perseverance and conviction for a just cause and above all, unswerving faith in the democratic process. Continue Reading