Life of Poi

The sum and substance of their stuff is bluff. Of course, that is the stock-in-trade of the entire political tribe, but Mulayam and Maya are stand out ‘stall’-warts, specialising in this sacred (p)art of politics. That their political lives are littered with lies is no secret Continue Reading

Counting the days, instead

It was all over in a jiffy. And now the climactic wait for the result. This election was a watershed of sorts just on one count alone: Schedule. While polls were due only in mid-May, the EC advanced them by a month through its notification in early March, giving the parties and people just over a month to decide their own fates, besides being harsh on itself. To its credit, the process, a gamble as well as a challenge of sorts, went through in a flash with nary a hitch, though it wasn’t easy all the way. Continue Reading

Look who’s listening!

Tapping of telephone lines of important persons is probably as old as the invention of the telephone itself. And the practice of intercepting messages or other private communications must be as old as humanity itself. From messengers on horseback to pigeons Continue Reading