Wanted: Alladdin’s magic lamp!

The fancy for fables continues. With realities being so harsh one has no choice but to fall back on fantasies. So after Alibaba and 40n thieves, it is now wise to see if Anna-Baba and the rest of us, flatteringly described as civil society, can invoke Alladdin, or to be precise, his Magic Lamp to solve our problems. Continue Reading

Open season!

Feb is when winter ends and the oncoming onslaught of warm climes is heralded. This time around this shortest month seems to have packed in more than mere climatic changes.

Verdict season: Kasab and Co took a little less than twenty minutes to wipe out scores of kafirs on that fateful 26 Nov. But twenty seven months have elapsed since and Kasab is yet to join his partners awaiting him with a reserved seat in paradise. Continue Reading

Rainy days are here & now

India’s itinerary for the next 75 days is packed with a curious cocktail of terror, cricket and elections. With Jihadis making their first foray into the cricketing field in Pak, the gentleman’s game will likely be relegated to the pavilion soon. After all, with all the four cricketing nations in the region, India, Pak, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh in bloody turmoil in recent times, talking of cricket sounds downright vulgar. Continue Reading

Year of fear

The mental baggage that we all will most certainly carry forward from ‘08 to ‘09 is fear. In the immediate past, I would compare this to ‘05 which started off with the receding waters of the Tsunami of the last week of ‘04 that converted much of coastal Asia into watery graves. Continue Reading