Editorial: Lessons from India

Over 135 crore population, diverse backgrounds and geographies, mammoth manpower needed to carry out the whole process. But still, India’s election exercise has always been smooth and there are no disputes like the ones the whole world is witnessing in the United States polls now. Continue Reading

US election results: As Biden leads White House race, Trump cries foul

After three days, America is still waiting for the results of the US presidential election, as is the rest of the world. The fight between Republican President Donald Trump and his Democratic rival Joe Biden is so close the media is holding back on making projections until the last votes are tallied. Continue Reading

Biden predicts victory in US election

Democrat Joe Biden predicted a US election win over President Donald Trump after pivotal victories in Michigan and Wisconsin, while the Republican incumbent sought to offset a narrowing path to re-election with lawsuits and demands for a recount. Continue Reading

US polls: Trump claims victory, says he’ll move Supreme Court to dispute counting

US President Donald Trump, addressing a press conference at a little past 2 am on Wednesday local time, accused the Joe Biden campaign of election fraud, and said he would move the US Supreme Court. Continue Reading

US election results: Suspense prevails as Trump and Biden deliver mixed results

The results of the keenly-contested US presidential elections are trickling in with Donald Trump and Joe Biden winning traditional strongholds. Continue Reading

Americans all set to choose 46th President as country goes for polls tomorrow

The ‘most important’ US Presidential election in recent history is a day away and everyone around the globe will be sitting at the edge of their seats, watching it with great anticipation. Counting of votes will begin at 7 PM EST tomorrow with the closing of the last polls. Continue Reading