Time a Dozen!

There are occasions when pride is a legitimate emotion. We at Talk Media are truly elated that with last week we completed a dozen years of eventful and exciting ride as a corporate entity. What began with a single Talk — T Nagar Talk — has now grown and galloped to 20 Talks covering the looming length and burgeoning breadth of this wonderful city of Chennai and its suburbs. Continue Reading

A sage for all ages

In the passing away of Swami Dayananda Saraswati the nation has lost a revered Guru, who saw himself as a philosopher-teacher (as opposed to a mada adhipathi). This distinction is important to understand the great Guru and put his immeasurable contributions in proper perspective. For Talk Media, News Today and Maalai Sudar, the death of this kind soul is a sad event as he had been an important guiding spirit to it. Continue Reading

The unkindest cut

When a Danish newspaper published cartoons of Prophet Mohammad sometime back, the issue became a raging debate between blasphemy and press freedom. But a vital detail was lost in the furore. Was the editor of the paper so foolish as not to have expected the fallout? Continue Reading

A revelation of sorts

To stay afloat in these troubled times in an industry that is not the best bet of financial punters is no mean achievement. Barring a few big fishes who gobble up all the spoils, there is hardly anything Continue Reading