Choose your crime well

Since law in Bharath always takes its own slow course, it is ever a case of justice denied. At the other extreme is ‘encounter justice’ which is delivered instantly, often before an accused reaches court. Now how do the criminally-inclined negotiate this huge chasm? We herewith offer those troubled souls itching for trouble with the law some trouble-shooting tips. Continue Reading

When justice is just gas!

The court verdict on the Bhopal gas tragedy has kicked up the expected furore in the media and public. Forget the extent of culpability and the quantum of punishment of/for those convicted, but all of us in the so called ‘civil society’ too should plead guilty for, well, forgetting the tragedy as well as the victims for this long. The sudden concern and the copious flow of indignation, therefore, seems not only orchestrated but also outdated. Continue Reading

When lawyers take their own course

US constitutional law talks of Miranda rights. Now, the origins of this Miranda seems as mysterious as, say, our St Valentine, but the law itself is unambiguous. According to it, the police has to warn a person who has been arrested or placed in a custodial situation in the following words: ‘You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. Continue Reading