Dead, yet not gone!

Jyoti Basu’s passing at the age of 96 is not exactly a tragedy. Nor was it unexpected as he was ailing for quite some time. In fact, he quit as CM in 2001 at the age of 88 on health grounds, after reigning for 23 years. Working backwards, he had become the CM at age-65, when the rest of the proletariat would have been well into retirement. Continue Reading

Mr Seshan humbled

The hunter is now being hunted. The self-annointed reformer of Indian politics Mr T.N. Seshan is on the run. In an effort to save his skin, the ‘all-powerful’ Chief Election Commissioner whose avowed purpose in life is to cleanse Indian politics is out in the open lobbying for support from the same political parties whom he claims to have cut to size. Continue Reading