Curtains down on personality-driven bi-polar politics in TN?

The passing away of Dravidian stalwart Muthuvel Karunanidhi has signalled the virtual end of personality-driven bi-polar politics in the state, dominated by charismatic individuals of arch-rivals DMK and AIADMK in the past five decades. Continue Reading

Captain’s Knock

Henceforth let’s also address him as Captain in sync with this sinking State’s fetish for titles.

Ignoring such ‘hard-earned’ prefixes and suffixes is akin to political blasphemy here. The leaders love them, coteries spread them, the cadres get inspired by them and the media, as ‘true’ mirrors of society, reflect them. That’s how legends are made in this part of the country. Continue Reading

Time for heir-cut

The nastiest thing about dynastic politics is the way inheritors take the people and party for granted. Their self-obsession is such that their divine right is deemed sacred and secure, beyond question. The only issues that need settling are either the timing and tactics in case of a sole heir or ‘heir’-splitting over power, in case of two or more. Needless to add, the original sin of emboldening the inheritor and encouraging their audacities lies with the patriarch, or for that matter, matriarch. What needs to be added, on balance, is that the inheritor may also play the Bhasmasura act on his blood benefactor! Continue Reading

Allies in Lies

Or comrades in arms. Part-ners in profit? Maybe share holders in spoils. Whatever, but bluff remains the key stock in trade in this heady poll time that is already witness to a series of one night stands between quirky bedfellows making for strange politics. Welcome to the world of alliances wherein you can’t tell a friend from foe from what they say. Continue Reading

Super Star’s Side Show

The first take was a disaster, having failed to evoke the fans’ hysteria as used to happen. The second take, yesterday, is an apology. The Actor known for his speed on screen appears to have lost his silken touch off it. The blasts that ravaged Kovai last Saturday continue Continue Reading