Why TN is forbidden land! — 6: A Century in a capsule

It is time to move from the politics of history to the history of politics. With a small step in this series I am making a giant leap across 900 years to 20th century. Continue Reading

No choice, only noise, but please voice

It is a tough election for voters. A mundane multi-cornered contest has mingled with a mind-numbing multi-media slug-fest. A light vein is needed to take the ongoing de’mock’ratic tamasha seriously. Small wonder comedians and caricatures are invoked more than Kamaraj, Anna or MGR. But vote, we must! Continue Reading

Whining over wine

TN alias Tipplernadu may often be water starved, but rarely thanni starved. Ever since the bottle was uncorked in the early seventies, liquor has flooded this rational-cum-religious State as much as flattery, freebies and foul cash. The addiction looks set. The State budget is banking on booze and the bulk of populace are beholden to Bacchus. Continue Reading