Trolling trios: BJP, AAP & Cong fight on social media for Delhi elections

With Delhi Elections underway, three major parties: BJP, AAP and Congress have been caught in a whirlpool of memes and videos targeted against each other. Continue Reading

2019 general elections: Naidu meets Rahul and discusses new front

TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu today met Congress president Rahul Gandhi and discussed firming up an anti-BJP front to keep the ruling party out of power after poll results are declared 23 May. Continue Reading

From Thalainagaram to Thala

I did not go to the Capital nor could I follow the happenings fully owing to my Hindi handicap. Still I had kept track of the Delhi polls very studiously by all possible ways. Apart from the professional call, the interest was also propelled by an earnest eagerness to understand how our electoral democracy is evolving. Continue Reading

All about M

The forthcoming Parli polls took on the shades of a US style Presidential poll in popular thinking the moment Modi emerged as the BJP’s PM candidate. The party itself, despite a wide cadre and leader base, long-standing traditions of collective leadership and strong idelogical moorings, did not hesitate to pin its whole fate on that one chosen man. Continue Reading