Covid-19 cases grow steadily in Chennai

Six neighbourhoods in the city have more than 1,000 cases of coronavirus. With seven percentage active cases, the tally of positive cases this morning in Chennai is 13,446. Continue Reading

Five areas in Chennai have more than 1,000 Covid-19 cases each

The death toll due to coronavirus spread in Chennai is 3,293 since March. Currently five neighbourhoods in the city have more than 1,000 cases. Continue Reading

Covid spread continues in Chennai

Despite social distancing and sanitation, the city has been unable to curb the spead of Coronavirus. Continue Reading

Chennai’s Covid-19 graph on upward trend

With Coronavirus cases increasing by the day, around four neighborhoods in the city now have more than 1,000 infections. This comes after the cases showed a substantial decline in the past days. Continue Reading

Fresh spurt of Covid cases in Chennai

There has been a significant spike in the number of coronavirus cases in the city. This morning, it is recorded that 11,320 persons have the viral infection. The active cases are currently at seven per cent. A total of 3,210 persons have lost their lives since March. Continue Reading

Covid numbers grow in Chennai, cross 11,000

After weeks, the city is back to showing over 11,000 active cases of Coronavirus. The sudden spurt of cases is worrying as Chennai has unlocked the economy and getting back to normalcy. Continue Reading

Corona numbers go high in Chennai

After a brief hiatus, the number of active coronavirus cases in the Chennai has reached the 10,000 mark. However, only two places in the city have more than 1,000 cases. Continue Reading

Chennai’s Coronavirus recovery rate at 92%

The active cases of coronavirus in Chennai is now at six per cent, with 9,874 patients having the viral infection.  The recovery rate is at 92 per cent with 1,39,670 becoming Covid-19 free after treatment. Continue Reading

Corona testing numbers coming down in Chennai?

The cases of coronavirus in Chennai continue to be on a decline. However, the number of testing being done on people have also dropped by a margin. Continue Reading

Crucial corona info of Chennai

At the fag end of the lockdown, there seems to be no respite from the spread of the deadly Coronavirus in Chennai. Continue Reading