2,011 lives lost to Covid-19 in Chennai

A total of 94,695 Covid-19 cases have been recorded by the Greater Chennai Corporation since March. Continue Reading

Active Covid-19 cases in Chennai come down to 15%

The number of Covid-19 cases in the city is said to be under control. According to data from Greater Chennai Corporation, currently the active cases stand at 13,743 (15 per cent) and the recovery rate is 83 per cent and 76,494 persons have recovered. Continue Reading

Only 16 % active Coronavirus cases in Chennai

Though the case of Covid-19 have hit a new record in Tamilnadu, but Chennai has steered clear and is showing improvement. Continue Reading

Is the worst over? Chennai’s active cases stand at just 18%

The percentage of active cases of Covid-19 is falling on a daily basis hinting that the worst could be over for the city. Continue Reading

Chennai: 21% active and 79% recovered cases of Covid-19

The city is on the road to recovery from the novel Coronavirus disease. The recovery rate is displaying a good margin of 79 per cent over the active cases. Continue Reading

From North Chennai, city’s corona spread shifts to Kodambakkam, Teyanmpet

The spread of coronavirus has apparently shifted from North Chennai, which was hitherto the hotbed of Covid-19 infections, to places such as Kodambakkam, Teynampet and Anna Nagar. Continue Reading