Kiruthika, founder of Hooray, talks about trending, customisable clothes

A creative mind and endless love for colours rule Kiruthika’s life. This 25-year-old enthusiast, an architect by profession, was bold enough to resign her job and follow her heart and start a brand in clothes designing. Continue Reading

Fast facts on fasting: Pack it with nutritive liquids, say experts

When we do not consume anything for most part of the day, our body utilises the stored carbohydrate and fat to energise once all the calories from the previous night’s meal have been exhausted. Continue Reading

Repeating is not a sin!

When people repeat clothes, they are mocked or laughed at most often. For many, rerunning the wardrobe is a sin. But trust me it is not, certainly it comes with strings attached. While women boast about the number of attires they have and literally breakdown when they realise that they have another set of cloth of same color, the impact that the unsustainable choice of clothing on this planet is huge. Yes, you gotta accept it, no other go. Continue Reading