Gen-next robots powered by light-sensitive muscle developed in US

Researchers have developed a new generation of two-tailed robots that are driven by light-activated muscle tissue – an advance that brings engineers a step closer to building autonomous biobots. Continue Reading

Ancient DNA study reveals origin of Indo-European languages

Vagheesh Narasimhan, co-first author of the paper published in the journal Science on Thursday, told AFP that the role of population movements over the past 10,000 years was key to understanding linguistic changes and the transition from hunter-gatherer activities to farming. Continue Reading

No single gay gene, says largest ever DNA analysis

Like size or intelligence, sexual attraction isn’t defined by one gene alone, but is instead the result of the complex interplay between multiple regions of the genome and hard to pin environmental factors. Continue Reading

WhatsApp to roll out payments feature

WhatsApp will roll out its payments service in India this year following a year-long pilot, its global chief Will Cathcart has said, as the Facebook-owned messaging giant taps an upsurge in digital payments in its dominant market. Continue Reading

Australia watchdog calls for controls on Facebook, Google

Australia’s competition watchdog today recommended tighter controls on the use of personal data and measures to ease Facebook and Google’s dominance of online advertising among a slew of measures to better police the internet giants. Continue Reading

India to land near moon’s south pole on 6 September

Embarking on its second voyage to the moon on July 15, an Indian spacecraft and rover would land near the lunar south pole by September 6 or 7, a top official said on Wednesday. Continue Reading