It’s a mad, bad world

Sorry if I sound a bit jumbled and jaded. I am. Three weeks into a delirious detour, owing to a diabolic conspiracy of disease, doctors and drugs, does that to you, even if you are not a self-obsessed slouch. Imagine the plight of all-important writers out to change the world but slung up like a raincoat in summer while so much is happening all around! A safe distance from the readers for a few weeks was what the doctor ordered (safe for readers too, according to some sly comments). Continue Reading

‘Press’ing issues

News Today, the precursor in print to the Talk weeklies, will complete 27 years of continuous, daily publication on Dec 7. The patriarch paper’s B-day is of course an occasion for happiness and hope: we are happy to have lasted this long in a treacherous ocean inhabited by political sharks and bloated whales; and we hope this luck will last. Continue Reading

Where Left, Right & Centre meet!

It would be of help, to pundits as well as the uninitiated, to brush up on some basic political definitions. The term ‘Left’ has pejorative origins in medieval France, representing the commoners who sat to the left of the King, in contrast to the nobles who were on his right: as the ‘hand that is the weaker of the two’, ‘left’ was a metaphor for the underdogs of society. Continue Reading

Bridging the big divide

Come Budget ‘06, it will be sixteen years on the trot for reforms and liberalisation, often referred to as Manmohanomics. The man who engineered this economic coup of sorts and pulled India out of its self-imposed socialist shackles is now the PM. Continue Reading