Futile flashback

No doubt, as CAG, Vinod Rai’s staggering estimated loss of Rs 1.76 lakh crores stumped the nation and put spectrum at the top of the heap of the sackful of scandals that marked Singh’s sleazy sojourn in power. But are we surprised by his recent ‘revelation’ that the ‘PM kept quiet even as the 2G scam unfolded?’ Continue Reading

All about M

The forthcoming Parli polls took on the shades of a US style Presidential poll in popular thinking the moment Modi emerged as the BJP’s PM candidate. The party itself, despite a wide cadre and leader base, long-standing traditions of collective leadership and strong idelogical moorings, did not hesitate to pin its whole fate on that one chosen man. Continue Reading

Lokpal Legacies

It is a small, tentative step up a slippery slope. Still it calls for some cautious elation. That the jinxed Lokpal which has been stranded in the streets, entangled in bureaucratic red tape, buried many a time in political quicksands and defied consensus even amidst its champions has ultimately crossed the legislative threshold is itself an achievement. Continue Reading

We are all bugged, too!

Sorry! It’s not going to be Sindbad’s saga but our own sordid stories. The adventures of the fabled sailor, the longest surviving caricature in Tamil journalism, is tempting, but with news of the government listening into everything other than the common man’s woes bugging the nation, Continue Reading