Tigers by the tail

It is perhaps a geographical ordainment by fate that Sri Lanka is shaped like a drop — of tear or blood or both. This idyllic pearl of an island in the Indian Ocean has seen more strife and death dances in a generation than probably have some other parts of the world since the dawn of history. Continue Reading

A spark neglected keeps TN burning

If the Kovai blasts killed 60, the fear of blasts appears to be squeezing the life out of multitudes every day. The widespread sense of fear and apprehension that has gripped the people of TN ever since the serial blasts in Kovai shows no signs of abating and, on the contrary… Continue Reading

Stewing in their own juice

For those who did not doubt the veracity of the leaked version of the Jain report, its tabling in Parliament brings no surprises. This political bombshell of a report, which was ignited prematurely much to the chagrin of the UF government, had burnt itself out by the time it reached Parliament, Continue Reading

Perils of tiger riding

It is foolish to throw stones from inside a glass house. But the DMK had been doing just that ever since it ascended to power, unmindful of the timebomb which has been ticking under its edifice for the last several years. The LTTE ghost simply refuses to be exorcised and keeps coming back to haunt the party and its leaders. Continue Reading